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Special SCFA

Special Shariah Compliant Financing Advances (SCFA)

Description Features of the Product
Type of financing IIFC Group offers Special SCFAs to eligible clients/borrowers who have active livestock, Qaraqul, carpet weaving and carpet sell businesses. The special SCFAs are provided only in selected provinces, where the above- mentioned businesses are common.
Target area Rural and Urban Market
Market segments Low income community and micro entrepreneurs having permanent residence in the operational area and running business with positive cash flow or income.
Age of Client at the time of loan 18 – 65 years
Service charges rate As per policy of IIFC Group
Murabaha loan period 6 to 24 months
Loan size
  • Livestock: AFN 10,000 to AFN 200,000
  • Qaraqul : AFN 10,000 to AFN 200,000
  • Carpet weaving or processing: AFN 10,000 to AFN 100,000
  • Carpet selling or exporting: AFN 10,000 to AFN 200,000 Depending on the repayment capacity of the clients.
Frequency of installment 6 to 12 months can be monthly/ seasonal/ six months installments
Lending methodology Individual loan
Collateral type
  • Social collateral – guarantee of family head and two shopkeepers
  • For female client – family head acceptable
  • Real estate mortgage (Title deed)
  • Or the amount can be secured by Jewelries for no more requirements.
Identification source Cop of Tazkira ( NID) and a recent photos of client and guarantors
Purpose of Murabaha loan Expansion of business in small trade, manufacture and services
Previous experience At least ( two years ) experience in business or basic knowledge about the proposed business activity
Physical verification Client’s residence and business

Shura Khat / Wakil Guzar verification or electricity bill of house

Cash flow assessment By Loan Officer at field

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