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Prosthetic Hands project is implemented by the IIFC Group in Afghanistan. Prosthetic Hands are donated by Credit Unions Philanthropy Group (CUPG) for onwards distribution through the IIFCs network to the victims in Afghanistan. Victims who register with IIFCs will receive the hands free-of-charge and do not need to be IIFC members.

The Credit Union Helping Hands program, launched by the (CUPG), has been assembling and distributing prosthetic hands for those in need through Rotary International for three years. Past credit union clients of CUPG’s consulting services have assembled the prosthetic hands as part of teambuilding and process improvement exercises with the firm, according to Frank Hackney, founder of the Washington, D.C.-based philanthropy and consulting group. Participants from about 25 credit unions have already assembled as many as 100 hands.

Years of armed conflict have left many Afghan civilians disabled and finding it difficult supporting themselves and their families. In response, a group of U.S. credit unions and supporting organizations have come together to create prosthetic hands to help some conflict victims begin the recovery process.


Through this we can help the people
• To broaden social responsibility mandate of the IIFCs operating in Afghanistan;
• Improve the livelihood of those victims who live in the clientele are of IIFCs members through prosthetic hands as means of productivity.
• When needed, enable victims to have access to financial services


• Increase the efficiency of Victims and include them into society as active members
• Improve the economic and societal conditions of victims
• Create goodwill in communities about the IIFCs and the IIFC Group

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