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Brief Backgrounds of IIFC Group’s Board of Directors

Mr. Khanjan Alekozay is the Vice Chairman of IIFC Group. A successful businessman, Mr. Alekozay was chosen as the Vice Chairman of the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (ACCI). He works closely with the Afghan businessmen and brings business ideas to the IIFC Group that the IIFCs can benefit from.

Mr. Al Haj Rahmuddin Haji Agha serves IIFC Group as Vice Chairman working closely with IIFC Group to give useful advice on how to operate in the regions. He also brings vast know-how in Micro Finance in Afghanistan.

There are three members as representatives from South, North and East Regions where IIFCs functions. Theses members represent the interests of the members of the IFICs and of their respective regions while attending IIFC Groups Board Meeting.



Alhaj Mawlawi Azizullah “Mofleh”

Alhaj Mawlawi Azizullah Mofleh by profession is a religious scholar with specific studies in the field of Islam. He is Imam of the Shirshahe Soori Mosque and is very influential.

Mr. Mofleh helps the IIFC Group in ensuring Sharia Compliancy at the IIFCs and the products that the IIFCs provide.

Mr. Aziz -ur- Rahman “Sideqi”

Sediqi is a graduate of the Economics faculty and worked with the government of Afghanistan for 17 years. He has held different positions with Ministry of Finance and Ministry of disabled and Martyrs. He has also worked for NGOs and community development organizations. He represents the interest of the members of eastern IIFCs at the Board of Directors.

Mrs. Muharrama “Ayoubi”

Ayoubi is the former chairperson of Jawzjan IIFC. She has been member of Jawzjan IIFC since 2005 and played an active role in increasing membership. A teacher by profession, Muharrama is very well respected in the Jawzjan community and brings business to Jawzjan IIFC. She represents the interests of members of the northern IIFCs at the BoD.
She is the only woman at the BoD.

Mr. Bashir Khan

Khan brings extensive experience from the financial sector of Afghanistan. Mr.Khan has worked in the microfinance organizations in Afghanistan as microfinance practitioner in the microfinance institutions and as a member of monitoring and evaluation team of MISFA. Mr.Khan worked with WOCCU in Afghanistan as key personnel on its RUFCOD project and now works with the IIFC Group.

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