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If you are looking for an inspiration to lead a better life, you definitely need to read up the inspiring story of Hayat Murad, the owner of a shop. Hayat Murad used to work as an accidental electrician. However, during his spare time, he used to run a small shop with limited resources.

As soon as he came to know about IIFC Group-Andkhoy Branch, he rushed and availed a loan. Indeed, within a very short period of time he succeeded to expand his business and changed his small shop into a big one.

Hayat Murad’s ambition was to have his own dream shop which was made possible with the assistance he obtained from Andkhoy branch in the form loans. He said that it would have been impossible for him to have a shop like the one he has been running now. He also added that the branch staff were very cooperative and advised him on how to expand his business.

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