Supervision & Examination

Monitoring and supervision of the IIFCs is essential to health performance of the IIFCs in Afghanistan. It does not only detect issues concerning the performance of IIFCs but also is important tool to provide solutions to the problems that exist. 

IIFC Group is mandated by its Board of Directors (BoD), the donors and other stakeholders to play active role of oversight on the IIFCs to ensure safe-keeping of the capital invested in the IIFCs both in the form of Subordinated Debt and grant subsidies. IIFC Group conducts regular and ad-hoc onsite and offsite supervision visits and prescribes corrective actions.

IIFC Group’s Supervision and Examination team oversees the performance of the IIFCs using a number of proven systems and methods such as PEARLS and Risk Rating Reports etc.  The team includes examiners both at the headquarters level and at the sub-offices.