Welcome to IIFC Group. IIFC Group is a reputed and respected institution recognized as one of the second largest micro finance institutions in Afghanistan. I feel proud and contented to present you the annual report of IIFC Group.

2018 was a remarkable and a challenging year for IIFC Group, yet IIFC Group strove to reach more impoverished and vulnerable people around the country. In addition, our commitment and hard work capture the essence of our work. Despite security concerns, IIFC Group has had its achievements in the year.

IIFC Group’s principle unchanged since it was incepted- We, as a Group provide micro finance assistance to the vulnerable people around the country in order to boost whatever business they are engaged in. Moreover, we move forward, we affirm our commitment to that principle to our clients’ success.

The values, policies, and practices that have established IIFC Group as a great micro finance institution, one that is respected by our clients and by our industry, continue to drive our successful performance.

our performance captures the essence of our business philosophy and affirms the integral relationship we have contributing to the success of our clients, our employees, and our local communities.

Bashir Mohammad Khan