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Welcome To IIFC Group​

Islamic Investment and Finance Cooperatives Group (IIFCG) supporting the Islamic Investment and Finance Cooperatives (IIFCs) or the Afghan Credit Unions in terms of technical support, advocacy, lobbying, capacity building and funding. Established in 2009, IIFC Group has had many achievements and with the full support to the member IIFCs in the country has been able to attract more than 100,000 members/borrowers.

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Bashir Mohammad Khan
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With the name of Allah Almighty, most merciful, most compassionate.
Welcome to IIFC Group. IIFC Group is a reputed and respected institution recognized as one of the second largest micro finance institutions in Afghanistan. I feel proud and contented to present you the annual report of IIFC Group. 2018 was a remarkable and a challenging year for IIFC Group, yet IIFC Group strove...